Mobile Coffee Cart

Let us bring the espresso bar to you!

Coffee Cart includes unlimited drinks and flavored syrups.

Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, English Toffee,
Peppermint, Cinnamon, White Chocolate,
Sugar-Free Vanilla, Sugar-Free Caramel, Sugar-Free Hazelnut
Seasonal flavors also included!

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Shot of espresso with equal parts of steamed milk and foam (wet) or (dry) with all foam

Cafe Latte
Shot of espresso with steamed milk, topped with a dab of froth

Flavored Latte
Your choice of a flavored syrup, shot of espresso and steamed milk topped with a dab of froth

Cafe Mocha
Blend of sweet Chocolate and espresso topped with whipped cream

Chai Tea Latte
A blend of spiced tea and steamed milk

Hot Chocolate
Rich gourmet chocolate and milk topped with whipped cream
Steamed milk with your choice of syrup

Gourmet Coffee Cart Packages

The Classic Coffee Cart – $410

2 Hours of Service with 1 Barista and 1 Espresso Machine.
This service can provide between 55-60 drinks per hour (approximately 110 drinks in a 2 hour time period).

– Add Frappe Freeze or Italian Sodas for $70
– Additional hours $195 per hour

Party Time Coffee Cart – $789

2 hours / 2 Espresso Machines, 2 Barista’s twice the amount of drinks!
(This service can provide between 110-120 drinks per hour.)

– Add Frappe Freeze or Italian Sodas for $140
– Additional hours $384

We can discuss your needs for very large parties or special events.
Let us  provide you with a custom quote!

Short and Sweet Coffee Cart* – $280

The option for the smaller group. 1 hour of service for up to 40 guests.
Great for doctors offices, bridal and baby showers.

– Add smoothies for an additional $85.00

Short and Sweeter Coffee Cart* – $460

1 hour of service for up to 80 guests. 2 Baristas and 2 Espresso Machines.

*May not be offered during peak periods such as teacher appreciation or nurses week, and holidays etc.

The Combination Cart – $570

For groups under 100, with one server for 2 hours.
The best of both worlds! Includes everything from our coffee cart menu as well as the smoothie bar. We are sure to please with something for everyone, even the non-coffee drinkers!
Great for doctors’ offices, bridal, and baby showers.

– Add Frappe Freeze or Italian Sodas for $70
– Additional hours $315

Party time Combination Cart – $975

For groups of 100-199 2 hours of service, 2 servers provided. With two servers more drinks can be served in the time period requested.

– Add Frappe Freeze or Italian Sodas for $100
– Additional hours $480

You are not limited to the options above. Please call us or send an email and we can customize a package that works for you!